Whether you brine it like Nigella, stuff it like Delia, smoother it in garlic like Jamie or have your own unique style….We all love a roast turkey at Christmas! Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

This year when you’re buying your turkey, why not twin it with a turkey in Uganda and enable an orphaned family to celebrate Christmas with a special meal.
Any meat is a luxury addition to the diet of the children on our Child Headed Families Project and we would love each family to receive extra treats this Christmas.
Not a fan of turkey? Have your own non-turkey tradition? No problem! Twin the turkey of another family as a gift to them!
Once you have Twinned your Turkey, we will send you your own Twinned Turkey Christmas Card just for you OR for you to send to family and friends letting them know that their turkey has been twinned! 
                         Twin a Turkey as a Gift           Twin Your Turkey 

What difference can a turkey make? 

James and Emmanuel are two brothers supported by Edith's Hope's Child Headed Families Project. After the death of both their parents in 2019, James and Emmanuel had very little left. They are now supported by our social work team who provide them with short term care such as food and clothing, as well as long term support including agricultural tools and training. James and Emmanuel were fortunate that their grandfather had invested in a flock of turkeys. These turkeys provide a source of income for the two boys, funding their education and creating a potential business for when they are older. Turkeys are a valuable source of income and bring hope to families in Uganda.