We support 60 child headed families, which equates to approx 300 orphaned children. Each family is enrolled into a 4-year programme delivered by our team of highly skilled social workers. Here is our amazing social work team:

Tom Omaswa is the manager for the Child Headed Families Project. Tom is the youngest of 13 siblings and raised the funds to get through education through playing in a brass band. Tom has a degree in social work and launched the child headed families project. Tom is passionate about supporting and empowering orphaned children to build a more hopeful future. 

Apolot Christine lost her parents and was raised by her grandparents. Christine was sponsored by Edith's Hope in 2004 and graduated in Development studies at Kumi University. Christine is married to Tom and has 4 children, 2 of her own and 2 she has adopted. 

Doreen Arago is an orphaned child who was supported by Edith's Hope. Edith's Hope supported Doreen through education and she graduated in 2014 with a degree in Development Studies. Doreen interned with Edith's Hope and was then employed to work with the Child Headed Families Project. Doreen loves music and watching films. 

Vahid Asiu is married with 2 children, one of his own and one he adopted when his friend died. Vahid grew up in a large family and as he was the eldest he was responsible for his siblings, which developed his heart to care for others. Vahid graduated in Social work and has found his ideal job with Edith's Hope. He excelled at volleyball at school and is an arsenal supporter who carries a big smile into every situation.