It is feared that nearly a third of Uganda's students will never return to school. Eighteen months into the pandemic, up to 10 million primary and secondary school students have been kept at home, whilst Uganda's schools have been closed for the longest period of any country.

During the extended school closures young women, abandoning hopes of going to school are getting married and starting families. This has led to a worrying increase in the number of teenage pregnancies. According to a United Nations report teenage pregnancy stands between 25-30% of all adolescent girls. 

According to the Ministry of Health in Uganda, 25 percent of Ugandan teenagers become pregnant by the age of 19 and close to half are married before the age of 18. Schools which have been safe spaces for girls have been closed which has exposed the most vulnerable girls to ‘predators’ and sex offenders. 

Our team are working hard in educating young girls on our project about the importance of education and the support we will give them to stay in school. Now our vocational school has reopened we are working hard to ensure all of the girls enrolled on the programme are coming back to finish their education.

Next year we want to launch a new programme where we will support the most vulnerable young women on our project. We will confirm more about this and how you could help fund this in the new year.