Our vision is to empower orphaned children to build a more hopeful future for themselves. During our 4 year programme we focus on the emotional well-being of all the children  as we well as their practical needs in terms of food, medical bill, education etc. But towards the end of the programme we want them to be in a position where they can become more self sufficient. One of the project which contribute to this is our house building project.

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Here is the update for our house building project this year.

The house building project is in its initial stages and we are glad to report that the families have been playing their part of digging a pit latrine which will be slabbed and raised co-currently with the house. The team is closely working with the the building experts in the sustainable technology to kick start the building itself. We hope that by the end of this quarter (Dec 2021) all or a number of families that are expected to benefit will have had a house with a toilet and latrine. On visiting the families, their excitement and gratitude can be felt and therefore so eager to see the final product of a house on their compound. 

In conclusion the previous quarter was filled with quite a number of tasks both foreseen and unseen and with the great team work the department managed to fulfill almost all the tasks, we only feel short of time in regards to the construction project which we hoped that at least by the end of the quarter we would have had at least three houses built, this has been delayed a little bit for circumstances beyond our control at a given moment as there were a number of delays in relation to local leaders and factors related to generally working with community as opposed to an institution among others. 

Families continue receiving their food, medical care, visits among others and we are confident that the child headed department will continue to support orphans both directly and indirectly through the work and activities/ services rendered by Edith’s hope and support of our esteemed donors and team as we collectively work towards our vision and goal.

Thank you 
Tom Omaswa 

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