Hope 21 - Hut Building Project 

New home for Child Headed FamilyHope 21 is our appeal to provide all the support an orphaned family in Uganda needs to build a more hopeful future. A huge part of this is to build each family who has a piece of land a brick built home. Work has now started on building 8 sustainable brick built homes for some of our 4th year families. 

This project is being led by our CHF department and involves a team of orphaned children who have graduated from our vocational school, and trained in using a new sustainable brick building technology. These graduates have excelled in developing as a team to build these homes for more orphaned children on our project. 

Over the last 2 years they have been trained in using a new sustainable technology developed by HYT UgandaHYT advocates the use of carbon-saving Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block [ISSB] for construction as an alternative to the traditional fired brick, which is devastating Uganda’s beautiful landscape.

Not only is HYT’s compressed earth technology environmentally sustainable, it is cheaper too! Research by Bath University concludes that construction costs can be reduced by up to 30% using the ISSB. This is because the blocks are made on site and are uniformly shaped, while there is little mortar used between courses and much less need for plastering.

If you wanted to support a project like this yo can sign up to Hope 21 today and give £25 a month towards empowering a family, and or fund the cost of a a basic brick built hut at £1500. These homes transform the lives of orphaned families giving them security, water supply through water harvesting drains and a giant step towards a more hopeful future. 

Support a family today!