Edith's Hope – with funding from YouSeq– is currently building a covid medical centre to support the fight against COVID-19, and other diseases. 

The medical centre will provide 24 hour care for all of our orphaned children, and will be equipped with isolation rooms for covid infected patients. This centre is vital as Uganda is at a critical phase of its COVID-19 response as case numbers rise.

We are building this centre using Interlocking Brick technology developed by HYT Uganda. These sustainable bricks bring a host of environmental benefits including drastically reducing CO2 emissions and preserving trees. Other benefits are that these bricks are stronger than conventional clay bricks, and requires much less mortar, reducing costs. 

Alongside this we have employed a full time nurse to run the centre and ensure we offer the best possible care to all of the orphaned children we work with. 

We would like to thank YouSeq who are funding this centre, and for all of our donors who are raising vital funds through lent to ensure this centre is equipped with all of the medial supplies it requires.