This Lent, we want to build some houses... and you can help! 

40 Days, 40 challenges! 

Wednesday 2nd March to Thursday 14th April 

Anyone and everyone can take part by setting yourself a 40 day challenge that is right for you! Set up a fundraising page and because the money you raise will be to used to build secure homes, select House Building Project. 

You could

  • walk a mile everyday
  • knit 3 lines everyday
  • learn to say hello in 40 new languages 
  • do 25 squats a day
  • pick up 10 pieces of litter in your local community everyday

Whatever you choose to do, do it everyday for the whole of lent (with a break on Sunday!) and raise money for Edith's Hope and promote awareness of our work with orphaned children. 

What are we raising money for?

We want to keep orphaned families together, we want to protect young girls from the risk of being taken as a wife and we want to give our orphaned families the foundation to build a more hopeful future.

We believe that providing a secure, safe, brick built home will ensure that our families stay together and stay safe. We use a sustainable brick building technology to build each house, protecting the local trees and ensuring a strong and environmentally friendly home for each family. In building a latrine we ensure they have a safe space to clean and wash. 

What's also great is that we employ graduates from our vocational school to build the homes, which provides employment to orphaned children building homes for orphaned children. 

This year we need to raise £25,000 to compete this project, can you help?

How to get started with the Lent 40 day challenge

The first thing to do is to chose what challenge you want to take up! 

To help yourself along the way, get others to join you in the challenge. Embarking on the 40 day challenge in a group is a good way to help keep motivated by encouraging each other and celebrating successes. 

Sign up to create your own 40 day challenge fundraising page, select House Building Project, and then you can then share the link with others and on your social media platforms to enable people to donate to your challenge. 

Good luck with your challenge! Let us know how you are getting on so we can champion you along the way. Thank you for your support! 

Fundraise now!