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WHAT is the giving hope programme?

The Giving Hope Programme is a core group of supporters that play a crucial role in the support and empowerment of an ambitious generation of young Ugandans. Consistent monthly donations provide immediate care whilst also contributing to a supply of suitable resources that help families to build their own future on the Child Headed Families Project.

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see the impact
of your donation!

By becoming a Giving Hope Partner, you will have the opportunity to witness the tangible impact of your support. One of the benefits of being a Giving Hope Partner is receiving an annual update that shares how your contributions have helped to advance the charity's vision. This allows you to see first hand how your donations are making a difference in the lives of orphaned families in Uganda. Additionally, you will also receive bi-annual updates on a specific family within the program. This provides a unique opportunity to gain a more personal insight into the impact of your support.


MEET miriam!

Miriam is three years old and one of six children. When our social work team found her and her siblings, their mother was so weak with HIV that she was unable to look after her children. It is here that Edith's Hope stepped in.

Miriam and her siblings are now supported by the Child Headed Families Project! They are visited regularly by a team of four wonderful social workers who visit regularly, are supplied with food and medical expenses covered! All for only £25 a month through the Giving Hope Programme!



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