I have named this challenge ‘Hope That’s Hidden In My Heart’ because it’s all about ‘hope’ for Edith's Hope and echoes the words from Psalm 119:11.  To raise funds for Edith’s Hope, I am memorizing 100 verses from the Psalms as my challenge!  Thank you in anticipation of your support!
I am taking on this Lent challenge to raise funds for the children of Edith's Hope in Uganda so that they will have access to a Covid-19 medical centre.  I have the privilege to live in a country with many opportunities and facilities that I take for granted. I am so thankful and grateful that I have just in the last few days received the vaccine myself!........something which isn’t available to everyone.  My desire is to help bring hope to child-headed families where the oldest child can be only 12 and looking after their younger siblings…many already have had huge struggles and are now wrestling with the new fears of this pandemic.  Through lack of technology, communication and funds to provide a centre for testing, this must be very challenging for them!
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