We work alongside more than 350 children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in the community of Ngora, a small town in the Kumi District of Uganda. We support orphaned families from their moment of need, providing short term, immediate care and enrolling them into a long term programme providing education, resources and structure to enable them to live sustainably and independently. We care for families through our three projects: Child Headed Families, Vocational School and Business + Buildings.

Our vision is to encourage an empowered and ambitious generation of young Ugandans who are equipped with skills, hope, dignity and vision for the future.

100% of your donation goes to one of the 60 'Child Headed Families'

In our families, one or both parents have died, often from HIV or other impacts of extreme poverty, leaving the eldest child with responsibility for all of their siblings. 

A Four-Year Programme 


The children receive food and medicine to help stabilise the situation they are in. 


Each family is given cattle to provide milk to drink and manure for farming. The long term potential to breed can also generate further income. 


The oldest child receives vocational training at our school and when they graduate they are given the resources to empower them to earn a living. 


We build a quality home for each family. A safe and valuable place to live as they graduate the programme.


Your generosity funds our team of social workers. Your donation allows each family to be assigned a social workers who works alongside them, delivering the programme and ensuring they receive care, practical support and counselling.

Meet our Social Workers!

Giving Hope Programme