Child Headed FamilyUnfortunately, over many decades the Kumi District of Uganda has suffered from extreme poverty resulting in poor health care services, a very high prevalence of HIV, violent insurgency and many social injustices. One of the impacts of these factors on society is a high number of orphaned children. There is no governmental welfare system to act as a safety net, so in many cases the eldest surviving sibling is left to look after their brothers and sisters. We call this scenario a ‘child headed family’.

Edith’s Hope currently supports 60 child headed families, which equates to approx 300 orphaned children. Each family is enrolled into a 4-year programme delivered by our team of highly skilled social workers. This programme initially meets the urgent needs of the family by providing essential food and medical supplies alongside emotional support. As time goes on the programme then enables families to become self-sufficient by providing training, livestock and social support.
New home for Child Headed Family

In partnership with The Haileybury Youth Trust, the latest addition to the programme is to provide child headed families with a sustainably built, secure home. We are planning on building 10 new homes a year, which will give orphaned families a safe secure home, and create security and hope for their future. 

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