We need to raise £25,000 to build homes for ten orphaned families about to graduate from our Child Headed Family Scheme! 

We are aiming to build ten brick homes for the children graduating from our Child Headed Family Project!

Our Child Headed Families Project is a four year programme which supports and empowers orphaned children to build a more hopeful future for themselves and their families. They are supported with food, medical care, pastoral care and following their completion of the scheme, a purpose build brick home from which they can continue to build their future. 

With a focus on sustainability, these homes are built using carbon-saving Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block developed by HYT Uganda as an alternative to the traditional bricks, which must be wood-fired, devastating Uganda’s beautiful landscape. Not only are these ISSB Bricks more sustainable and more durable, they're cheaper too!

The cherry on top is that these homes are built by graduates of Edith's Hope own vocational school. Through their education, they have trained in good site management, construction skills and the importance of sustainability, making them the perfect team to build homes for the children who were in their position not long ago. These graduates are also paid a fair wage, helping them to continue build their own lives! 

These homes cost £2500 to build, including a loo and provides orphaned families with a place to call home from which they can continue to go from strength to strength. They transform their lives giving them security, water supply and a giant step towards a more hopeful future. 

But to build them, we need your help! This project relies on donations, big or small! These homes will bring hope to the life of an orphaned family, providing them with a strong foundation to springboard to the next phase of their lives.