Christmas Appeal

We support 400 orphaned children in rural Uganda and these are often families of children who rely on our support for food, education and care. Christmas is a difficult time of year for lots of people around the world, especially during a global pandemic. As we struggle if we will see family members, whether we can buy our child the gift they want this can put a lot of pressure and stress on us. But during this time we want to ask if you would bring a little hope to an orphaned child this Christmas. For £3 we can give an orphaned child additional food and a gift this Christmas. This will ensure that amongst their poverty and struggle they will experience a little more love over the festive season. 

Everyone loves a Christmas dinner. This year, we are hoping that you might 'Eat One Give One', so as you tuck into your festive feast you will know you have provided a meal and a gift for an orphaned child.

When the children received their gifts last year they sang a song of thanks so loud they hoped we would hear it in the UK 

Tom Omaswa - Head of CHF project

Esthers Family 

Here is one of the orphaned families who will benefit from your donation 

What will your donation give?

Your £3 will

  1. Provide additional food to an orphaned child, this will complement the provisions we already supply
  2. Provide a gift of bedding or a new mattresses which will help them sleep better through the night

100% of your donation will be used for this appeal. 

Thank you for your support. Happy Christmas!

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