40 Days, 40 challenges! 

Wednesday 17th February to Saturday 3rd April 2021

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Everyone and anyone can take part by setting yourself a 40 day challenge that is right for you! 

You could

  • walk a mile everyday
  • knit 3 lines everyday
  • learn to say hello in 40 new languages 
  • do 25 squats everyday
  • pick up 10 pieces of litter everyday
  • plant 10 seeds in your local community everyday

Whatever you choose to do, do it everyday for the whole of lent (with a break on Sunday!)

All raising money for Edith's Hope and promoting awareness of our work with orphaned children. 

What are we raising money for?

During the pandemic we have been particularly grateful for the wonderful NHS that we have here in the UK and the fact we can access healthcare when we need it. 

This is not the case in Uganda where healthcare facilities, particularly in rural areas, are unable to provide the additional care and medication needed to face this pandemic. 

Edith's Hope is building a special medical building at our vocational school to ensure that we are able to look after the orphaned children we care for. This will have a particular immediate focus as a covid isolation and treatment centre. 

We need to resource this vital centre with all of the medication and equipment needed to care for orphaned children. The money you raise will support this. 

How to get started with the Lent 40 day challenge

The first thing to do is to chose what challenge you want to take up! 

To help yourself along the way, get others to join you in the challenge. Embarking on the 40 day challenge in a group is a good way to help keep motivated by encouraging each other and celebrating successes. 

Sign up to create your own 40 day challenge fundraising page here, you can then share this link with others and on your social media platforms to enable people to donate to your challenge. 

Fantastically, one of our corporate partners YouSeq has agreed to match fund what you raise!

Good luck with your challenge and let us know how you are getting on so we can champion you along the way. Thank you for your support! 

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