Our vision is to empower orphaned children through sustainable solutions, shifting the mindset from dependency towards a self sufficient, more hopeful future. 

Lent Challenge

40 Days, 40 challenges! Sign up to do a challenge every day over Lent and raise funds to resource our new covid medical unit!


Author: Paul Smith

Target amount: £6,000.00

Amount raised: £4,548.35


Hope through lent week 1

These are Velasco’s imagery of children he saw on the streets of Manila. Every one in the painting was a depiction of a real child Velasco met and helped with his foundation.


Author: Paul Smith

Child Headed Families

Child Headed Family is when the eldest surviving sibling is left to look after their brothers and sisters due to the death of their parents with no other family members to look after them.


Author: Paul Smith

Our impact


Orphaned children supported every year 


Orphaned children supported since we started


Meals provided every year 

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Latest news

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    During lent we want to focus on Hope. We have drawn on the story of Easter from the passover feast to the resurrected Jesus, highlighting how hope exists in all of the parts of the Easter story and in every part of our lives today. Read more

  • 40 40 Challenge

    40 40 Challenge will raise vital funds to supply medical equipment to fight the growing covid cases amongst the orphaned children we work with. Read more

  • Covid Medical Centre

    Edith's Hope – with funding from YouSeq– are currently building a covid medical unit to support the fight against COVID-19, and other diseases. Read more

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